+4530262150 Viadukten 13, Korinth, 5600 Fåborg

About Me

I’m Janett and I live with my husband Kim. We have three children together, Cecilie, Isabella and Victoria, all of whom have flown from the nest.

We have lived on Fyn for 21 years, we come originally from Zealand. In 1996, we were looking for a house, but couldn’t really find one that suited us. Some of our friends moved to Corinth and when we helped them move, we thought it was a good idea to look elsewhere than in Zealand and we were very captivated by nature on South Funen.

We bought the house, Viadukten 13 to Kr. 186,000, which was to be completely renovated. 8 years after, our neighbor moved as lived in no. 15 and we decided to buy it, so we had it all.

I work as Social and health assistant at the local nursing home and Kim works as an electrician/technical assistant in Assens. Prøve 25