+4530262150 Viadukten 13, Korinth, 5600 Fåborg
+1 800 234 5678


Inkl. linned og morgenmad pr. døgn Kr. 1095

The first room on the 1st floor we call the Lorrisloft and it is 20 m2.

In the Lorrisloftet you can order an extra bed for Kr. 400 per day.

The rooms are named after the construction of a Dutch windmill

“Lorrisloftet is the floor of the mill had a hoist which hoisting sacks up and down as needed through the hatch. The blocks have been provided with a rope or chain that went down to the road, where horse carriages could be transported. Many cam wheels and exchange mechanisms can also be used for various tasks in addition to the grinders ‘ work, for example. To aim the flour. “

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